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Our Approach

Films like The Upstanders help make the world a better place.

Community Screenings

We believe in the importance of shared experiences to encourage connection and empathy. All of our films screen to communities, either in-person; school auditoriums, community centers and corporate meeting spaces, or virtually, with everyone on their own devices, but watching at the same time. 

Panel Discussions

Our films work best when followed by group discussion and questions.  We provide a pre-recorded expert mini-panel that answers the most frequent questions; you can then follow up with a discussion of your own, or opt for one of our best 45 minute pre-recorded expert panels. Alternatively, book a custom live panel with experts from the film, to which you can add members of your community. Virtual delivery allows us to tailor the best solution for your audience.

Follow-up Viewing

Sometimes it's impossible to gather everyone together at the same time. Often, post screening word-of-mouth causes an upswell in interest after the screening, either from people who didn't watch, or from those who want to share it with their families. It's easy to license the film for a week or more's worth of on-demand viewing after the live screening event.

Additional Resources

Our screenings come with:

- Full packet of promotional material
- Detailed Discussion Guide
- Answers to frequently asked questions
- Tip sheets and links to additional contacts 

- Resource library of panel clips, additional videos, podcasts, articles and books

- Feed-back survey

- Follow-up quiz and in-class exercises

Cyber-bullying in 2021

It is estimated that the frustrations and virtual lives of the past year have led to a 70% increase in cyber-bullying among adolescents. This is from a pre-Covid base where 34% of students have been the victims of cyberbullying at least once in their lives.  Cyberbullying victims are nearly twice as likely to die by suicide, and 68% of children who have gone through online harassment have experienced mental health issues. Only 38% of cyberbullying targets are willing to admit it to their parents

L1ght & report:

70% increase in cyberbullying from pre-pandemic levels
38% of cyberbullying targets are willing to tell their parents

The Mental Health Trilogy

Each film comes with an 8-week curriculum and additional resources to help shift behavior around the learning and keep the conversation going.


8 week




Raising awareness around anxiety.

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Breaking down social media addiction.

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The Upstanders

Focusing on strategies to overcome cyber-bullying

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As a parent, it really made me reflect on my own behavior. In my job, I worry that maybe what I feel is assertiveness and confidence might be more akin to bullying. This was a wakeup call to look in the mirror.

— MARNIE C., Parent


Corporations and Schools That Have Screened with Us Include