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IMPACTFUL creates award-winning, evidenced-informed film programs for thousands of schools, businesses, and government agencies. Rooted in curiosity, empathy, and resilience, our Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) fosters connection and positive action through storytelling, active listening, and conversation. 

We believe storytelling holds the power to positively impact entire communities.

It transforms mindsets and advances life skills by feeding curiosity and inspiring connection by sharing our unique experiences. It also reminds us that we matter.


What Principles Guide Our Work at IMPACTFUL?

We meet people where they are—every person is shaped by a unique lived experience that informs who they are and what they believe.
  • Share from the “I” perspective to acknowledge that your truth is not universal. 
  • Lean into discomfort with curiosity, not judgment.
  • Choose dialogue over debate. 
  • Challenge ideas, not the person.
  • Honor human emotion.
  • Listen to learn, not to respond.
We are all in a learning process—and each of us should embrace both the role of student and teacher.
  • Recognize and cultivate each person’s potential for growth. 
  • Sometimes learning is about “unlearning.”
  • Learning is reciprocal: share air time––take space and make space for others to share.
  • Prioritize quality of conversation and contribution.
  • Validate active listening as participation—silence does not mean disengagement.  
  • Express appreciation for people’s vulnerability and willingness to share.
We have the power to be the change we seek in the world. We recognize this power as both a responsibility and opportunity.
  • Lead by example.
  • Recognize that each of us has agency to create positive change in ourselves and our communities—sometimes all we need is a guide and a toolbox. 
  • Be both a dreamer and doer.
  • Believe in the ripple effect—each conversation and action has the potential for greater impact.
We focus on the process, not just the product. “How” we do something is just as important as “what” we do.
  • Communication and feedback are key aspects of collaboration.
  • Meaningful work stems from a living creative process—providing space to reflect, reform, and renew.
  • As our conversations progress and our knowledge grows, our work should adapt and evolve as well.
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Notable partners & clientele
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