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Film-based, year-long, SEL programs to help us all lead happier, healthier and more connected lives.

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Scilla Andreen, CEO of IMPACTFUL

The Creative Coping Toolkit

Working with mental health professionals, educators, and DEI experts, IMPACTFUL created the Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT):
An online learning platform for all ages built around our mental health film collection and designed to bring about deeper learning, engagement, and impact through expanded programming and support services.

Each CCT Film Program Features:

The Creative Coping Toolkit is chock full of examples, strategies, inspirational quotes, and games that people can play by themselves or with others, and is designed to inspire people to change the way they think, feel and do. The CCT is an easy and fun way to inspire each other to think more rationally, change feelings and be happier.
Dr. Jerry Bubrick

Senior Psychologist, Child Mind Institute


The Mental Health Collection

Our original short documentary programs educate on complex and timely topics and include safe, evidence based, strategies and practical tips on supporting positive mental health, personal agency, and community well-being.

They provide deep engagement by interweaving personal stories from youth and families with expert perspectives from mental health professionals, diversity and inclusion experts, and educators.

Angst raises awareness and opens up the conversation about anxiety, helping people understand and manage their symptoms and learn when and how to ask for help.
LIKE explores the addictiveness of social media and the role and impact of technology in our lives.
The Upstanders
The Upstanders teaches about the power of connection and resilience to end bullying behavior, both online and in person.
RACE to Be Human
RACE to Be Human explores the impact of race and racism on our mental health.
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Our programs positively impact all members of the school community: educators, students, and families.

“Angst is the most important, eye-opening documentary you will see this year… And every school and corporation needs to screen this film. It’s that important.”
Dr. John Duffy

Clinical Psychologist, Author

"LIKE tells the real story behind social media platforms... Having a balanced perspective on how to navigate social media platforms is essential to all."
Maria O. Alvarez

Vice President, Common Sense Latino

The Upstanders "helped show me that I’m not alone. It made me feel more comfortable to speak up.”
Bobbie W.

Student, Age 13

“Powerful film. [RACE to Be Human] had me thinking about the past, the present, and the future of society."

American School Counselor Association

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