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A film program about finding balance in our digital world.
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LIKE is a documentary that helps us find balance in our virtual and real lives.

LIKE explores the impact of social media on our lives and the effects of technology on the brain. Understanding that virtual connection is not going away and has many benefits, its goal is to inform, educate and inspire people of all ages to self-regulate, so they can enjoy balanced and fulfilled lives.

LIKE (Expansion Pack) is a new stand alone segment we've added to the LIKE program. It addresses sexting and pornography. This short film offers tips and strategies for parents, students and educators to have the conversations necessary to help protect and guide our students, our children and ourselves.  

More hopeful in tone than ‘The Social Dilemma’, LIKE weaves in the stories and reflections of teenagers, and the perspectives of both brain scientists and Silicon Valley creators, who explain how our online behavior is affected by algorithms, from being compelled to respond to notifications, to manipulating ourselves to gain more 'likes'. It introduces JOMO - the Joy Of Missing Out, along with simple tips for taking back control over our devices and our free time. Subtitled into three languages, it has screened to over 10,000 communities across eight countries.

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The Impact of LIKE


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Experts from the Film


Screening to Schools and Communities

LIKE is a film-based education program that integrates post-screening conversation and a library of resources. We provide a lot of flexibility in how this is delivered, so you can customize the experience to best suit your community.

  • Choice of screening options, from in-person, one-off screening to a live virtual event on multiple devices
  • Choice of post-screening conversation forums (one short expert panel that addresses FAQ is already supplied)
  • Ability to license for individual follow-up screenings for those who missed the screening, or those who wish to share with their families

We provide all resources to make organizing, promoting, running and following-up after your screening smooth and hassle-free:

  • One landing page provides links to all promotional materials, discussion guides, tip sheets, in-class exercises and a library of follow-on resources
  • We keep in touch with reminders to keep you on track 
  • All film and related links are sent to you via a customized dashboard at least 5 days before the screening

Clips from the Film

Clips from Recent Panel Discussions

Social Media Isn’t Bad, It Depends on How We Use It

Ying Li (Kate), School Counsellor | UWC Changshu China

Resilience and Gratitude

Simon Mann, Principal of Dover Court International School

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“I am shocked at how moved, upset, and compelled to act I feel as a result of having seen this documentary. That LIKE will inspire you is an understatement. Quite simply, it's the most important film I've ever seen.

— Dr. Joe Dilley

Psychologist & Author

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