Everyone Matters, Everyone Belongs: Teaching Channel Talks.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, our Founder and CEO, Scilla Andreen, sat down with Dr. Wendy Amato for an episode of Teaching Channel Talks. Wendy teaches at UVA's School of Education, and has delivered teacher professional development workshops and student leadership workshops in the US and internationally. In this episode, Scilla and Wendy discuss the inspiration behind iMPACTFUL's Creative Coping Toolkits (CCT), Angst, Like, RACE to Be Human, and The Upstanders

Our CCT is helping people navigate mental health challenges, breaking down the stigma associated with mental health, and works to normalize mental health by bringing these important conversations to the forefront of schools, organizations, and businesses. Like we say here at iMPACTFUL, through our CCT, we have found a way to gamify otherwise difficult subjects to make them more accessible. 



In this insightful and inspiring conversation, Scilla and Wendy discuss Scilla's journey to create iMPACTFUL and the CCT, her unique approach to filmmaking, and how she wishes to impact the world around her. 

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Everyone Matters, Everyone Belongs.
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If you’re interested in learning more about iMPACTFUL’s Creative Coping Toolkit, or curious on how you can bring it to your school, business, or organization, click HERE!  

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