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The Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) is a powerful, turnkey film and evidence-informed mental health education program that addresses anxiety, social media addiction, resilience connection, bullying and belonging. 

Our Mission Our Impact

Our program is accessed by thousands of schools, dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies.

We strive to reimagine learning by fostering a culture of safety, positivity, connection, self-discovery and action at scale to nurture leadership and academic achievement.

We provide seamless engagement and impact reporting, educator training, parent education, curriculum planners, and a K-4 facilitated program.

We are a Stronger Connections Grant provider. Our Creative Coping Toolkit is used as part of Tier I and Tier II intervention strategies. It is easy to implement, available fully in Spanish and subtitled in 11 other languages. Reach your entire community in a week of wellness. Ask us how.

What people are saying about The CCT.

“The Creative Coping Toolkit is a must for all to help inform our behavior, decisions, and how we cope with these realities.”
Merve Lapus

VP Outreach & Engagement - Common Sense Media Education

“I think this is the single most important mental health film program I have seen in my lifetime. I think that every single school & corporation should have this as mandatory viewing.”
Dr. Michael Carr–Greg

Psychologist, author, broadcaster, & specialist, in academic & corporate mental health.

"My county serves children of all demographics including those in poverty. The Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) is not only appropriate but needed because it offers practical tips that are accessible to all. The films help kids understand the brain science behind anxiety symptoms and to be equipped with healthy tools that empower them.”
Dr. Tinisha Parker

Chairman of the Board of ASCA

“Don’t be afraid to offer films and resources or do something different for your employees. Encourage your base to listen to each other and ask for help.”
Julie Krause

Global Wellness, Microsoft.

“Angst had a huge ripple down effect… It has probably saved a couple of lives within our organization as it got people to reach out and start talking.”
Allison Stark

Global Wellness, HP

“If we realize that caring about our employees is not just offering services, but also understanding and knowing them, that’s when we achieve greatness.”
Dr. Alex Alonso SHRM

SCP, Chief Knowledge Officer

“We almost have a duty as leaders and organizations to be doing more and to be talking about this on a regular basis.”
Jen Fisher

US Chief Well-Being Officer, Deloitte Services LP

“So glad my dad got to see this movie now he knows I’m not making it up.”
9 year old student

Chicago, IL

Which describes your community?

What's Inside The Creative Coping Toolkit?

The Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) is integrated into one interactive and easy-to-use online dashboard for the whole community that includes:

Four award-winning and evidence-based mental health literacy programs providing Tier 1 and Tier 2 strategies. It was designed to bring about deeper learning, engagement, and positive impact to address anxiety, bullying, social media addiction, resilience, trust and kindness. These programs have been meticulously crafted over the years and are designed to promote life skills, brain fitness and empathy by providing an immersive experience that can foster positive change for the whole community.

Our CCT comprises 273 individual assets, with an impressive 80% of these assets being film-based. Our 48-chapter learning modules feature our films broken into short clips, accompanied by post-screening guides that include classroom discussion questions and student reflection prompts. 

24 interactive activities based on cognitive behavioral therapy and the CASEL SEL Core Competences that deepen learning, gamify talking about our feelings and support long-term attitude and habit shift. Plus, a test-your-knowledge quiz for each film to reflect on key takeaways. 


Dedicated Engagement Team is at your service throughout the duration of your program. They will provide year-long support for your community to ensure a seamless implementation and ongoing interaction with our programming. In addition, we offer many support tools and resources for facilitators, whether you're working from home, school, or office.


Tools and strategies for measuring impact and evolving programming through various routes: survey feedback, community-based training sessions, engagement team communications and check-ins, viewership analytics and reports, and live-screening engagements (Q&A, chat function).


Updates to our program with new content to ensure relevance in an ever-changing landscape. By adapting our tools to meet shifts in conversation, advancements in science, and emerging experiences, we strive to grow and improve together with your valuable feedback.

The Film Programs Inside Our CCT:

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