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Here are some of the resources we believe can help. This list has been examined by experts in the mental health field. Please note these are just recommendations, and not “one size fits all”.

Helpful Resources

Panel Clips from Previous LIKE Discussions

The Teenage Brain and Meaningful Interactions
Simon Mann
Instant Gratification vs Connection
Neeha Qazi
Strategies for Finding Balance
Gaining ‘Value’ Through Likes
Kate Rigg

Other Videos

Center For Humane Technology: Video For Students
Center For Humane Technology: Video For Parents & Educators
Max Stossel, This Panda Is Dancing - Time Well Spent
Common Sense Media - How To Change Your IPhone To Grayscale
5 Videos That Get Teens Thinking Critically About Media

Humane Tech App Ratings
What's the difference between apps we cherish vs. regret?

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media improves the lives of kids and families by providing independent reviews, age ratings, & other information about all types of media.

Common Sense Latino
Find short videos and articles in Spanish for Latino families on how to navigate media and technology, including social media management, cyberbullying, online safety and more.

Humane Tech Take Control
Try these simple changes to live more intentionally with your devices right now.

Child Mind: Media & Tech.
Try these simple changes to live more intentionally with your devices right now.

Digital Citizenship Lessons
Ready-to-teach lessons to address your changing needs in the classroom.

Let's Talk Teens
A place parents, educators, youth workers and teens can go to find resources and tools that speak to their circumstances.

app flux

Windows, Mac

Reclaim 15 mins of quality sleep by cutting the blue light from our screens.

app ublock
uBlock Origin

Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Reclaim ~30-40% of your attention with every article you read.

app inboxwhenready
Inbox When Ready


Focus your inbox by only showing messages when you click "Show Inbox" instead of getting distracted as new emails arrive..

app nightshift
Turn on Night Shift


Blue light from screens late at night tricks our body into believing it's still daytime, which disrupts our natural ability to sleep.

app freedom

Mac, Windows

Temporarily block specific websites or apps on your desktop, tablet and phone for set periods of time.

app moment


See how much time you spend on your phone.

app rescuetime

Mac, Windows

See how much time you spend on different apps on your desktop along with various websites.

app send and archive
Enable "Send & Archive"

Gmail Only

Gmail only. This archives the email right after you send it. The email will reappear in the inbox when the person replies.

app gboard

iOS, Android

50% faster "swipe" typing than regular keyboards so you can respond to a message and get off your device more quickly.

app calm

iOS, Android

50% faster "swipe" typing than regular keyboards so you can respond to a message and get off your device more quickly.

app calendly

Rapidly allows others to book time on your calendar by sending them a quick link. Helps each user save 10-15 minutes per meeting scheduled.

app facebook newsfeed eradicator
Facebook News Feed Eradicator


Removes the Facebook newsfeed and blurs the sidebars and notifications, allowing you to use some of the more utilitarian features of Facebook without getting sucked into the newsfeed.

app nomorobo

Blocks robocalls and decreases the time you spend dealing with spam and telemarketers.

app siempo

Siempo protects you from distractions & mindless use by letting you replace your home screen with an interface that allows you to batch notifications, unbrand icons, randomize their location, and set restrictions to prevent unconscious usage.

app distraction free youtube
Distraction-Free Youtube


Removes recommended videos from the side bar of youtube, making you less likely to get sucked in to unintentional content-holes. (Does not currently disable autoplay.)

app flipd

iOS, Android

This company boasts that users have spent more than 100 million minutes distraction-free. The app protects you from distraction by temporarily locking you out of distracting games, social media, and other apps. (Apps temporarily disappear from your phone).

app keepappy

iOS, Android

KeepAppy is the preventative wellness toolkit, located right on your phone! Using the tools recommended by psychologists, KeepAppy is designed to maintain and enhance users’ mental wellbeing. KeepAppy has ten features in its toolkit, based on the three centre pillars of prevention, growth and care.

NPR Life Kit: Screen Time And Your Family

Need a reset on your family's relationship with screens? We talk to doctors and experts and get their science-backed advice on how to use screens to connect instead of control — plus some sobering words on our own use of screens.

Broadbandsearch: 17 Rules To Protect My Child Online - Internet Safety For Kids

When dealing with children, there is a constant struggle between trying to keep them safe while also allowing them the freedom to explore and learn about themselves and the world. This has always been a challenge, but it's become even more difficult thanks to the internet. Kids have access to more information than they've ever had before, and this exposes them to a whole new set of risks.

Four Ways To Hack Your Screen Addiction

Here’s how to have a healthy and mindful relationship with media so you can stay informed, engaged, and feeling good.

The 'Like' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Before deepfakes and alternative facts, the online world was already telling us fibs. In our series Lies the Internet Told Me, we call 'em all out.

How To Use Social Media, According To A Mental Health Expert

Six tips from a psychologist for coping with the negative impacts of social media use, which research has linked to social isolation, loneliness, and depression.

Three Things We Can All Learn From People Who Don’t Use Smartphones Or Social Media

Many of us spend hours every day tethered to our devices, pawing at the screen to see if it will deliver a few more likes or emails, monitoring the world and honing our online presence.

The Trouble With ‘Screen Time’: Ditch Counting Digital Calories And Build Your Family’s Digital Nutrition

Digital Nutrition is about thinking beyond screen time limits and restrictions, and doing the deep and messy work of understanding our relationship with technology and creating more savvy habits relating to what, when and why we choose to consume different items from the enormous digital buffet.

Building Bicycles For Our Minds

Technology has a hole in it, I can feel it. Something isn’t right and while the current era of technology platforms feels like it has reached its zenith, there is something missing from the way many people are talking about the future.

How To Delete Facebook And Instagram From Your Life Forever

Lost faith in Facebook and Instagram after data leakages, breaches and too much noise? Here’s a guide to breaking up with the social network and its photo-sharing app for good.

13 Tips For Monitoring Kids’ Social Media

Internet safety tips for kids and their parents.

Social Media, Loneliness, And Anxiety In Young People

Is there a role for social media in perpetuating anxiety and loneliness?

Social Media Anxiety

Definition and Overview

Anxiety. Four mere syllables. Seven mere letters. Yet s.u.c.h. a forceful nature. Bully-ish. Controlling. Consuming. Exhausting.

According to new research, your social networking habits might be affecting your brain more than you know.

5 Strategies For Getting Kids Off Devices

Ever try to pry a tablet from sticky fingers? Check out these tips to avoid the tantrum.

How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers

Experts say kids are growing up with more anxiety and less self-esteem.

Why Instagram Is The Worst Social Media For Mental Health

Instagram is the worst social media network for mental health and wellbeing, according to a recent survey of almost 1,500 teens and young adults.

How To Disconnect From ‘Always On’ Work Culture

In our ‘Always On’ world, colleagues text and email us at all hours, expecting a quick response. But with these strategies, you can be happily out of reach—and not out of a job