A Courageous Conversation Hosted by iMPACTFUL: LIKE & The Upstanders

Join us for a discussion on the impact of technology on our mental well-being and the crucial role of educators,and parents. 

We can’t leave parents and guardians fending for themselves. It’s challenging to keep up with technology, social media, and their effect on our children’s learning outcomes, mental health, and safety.

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Join us for another informative Courageous Conversation about navigating online safety such as cyberbullying, dangerous trends, sexting, and privacy.

We will address:

  • Solutions and additional support for parents and educators 

  • How new AI is affecting learning and family dynamics.

  • How to use technology responsibly and safely to preserve meaningful connections in person and online. 

  •  Strategies and approaches to tackling dangerous social media challenges (i.e., the choking challenge, the Benadryl challenge)

Our discussion aims to acknowledge both the risks and opportunities associated with technology in our classrooms and daily lives. Let’s work together to ensure a safer use of technology and protect our families. 



Scilla Andreen, iMPACTFUL CEO & Director of LIKE & The Upstanders

Dr. Amber Gunner, iMPACTFUL VP of Education Sales 

June Kissel, iMPACTFUL Head of Education Engagement

Maurine Molak, Founder of David’s Legacy Foundation

We encourage you to submit questions in the RSVP and share this invite with others who could benefit or find inspiration. We look forward to seeing you! 


The Creative Coping Toolkit


This program in our Creative Coping Toolkit explores the addictiveness of social media and the role and impact of technology in our lives. The film provides easy-to-implement ways to transform our behavior so we can create a healthy balance with our devices—and think about how best to engage thoughtfully and authentically when online.

The Upstanders

This program in our Creative Coping Toolkit teaches about the power of connection and resilience to end bullying behavior, both online and in person. This film shows the importance of empathy, self-care, and reflection to transform attitudes and actions. It teaches how to become an ‘upstander’— someone who stands up for others in a kind and compassionate way.


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