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Finding strategies to overcome cyber-bullying.

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The Upstanders is an iMPACTFUL film program about resilience, and the power of connection to end bullying.

The Upstanders explores all sides of cyber-bullying, from bully to victim, bystanders and family members. Social media’s power means that bullying is now a 24/7 phenomenon, where even changing schools and phone numbers, or deleting accounts cannot stop the cycle. Covid has increased the incidence of cyber-bullying by 70%. Changing human behavior and connection is the key, and this is what the film addresses.

Weaving together personal stories of teenagers and their families, as well as teachers and brain-scientists, The Upstanders shows the importance of empathy and resilience to transforming attitudes and action, and highlights new laws and established programs that are already reducing bullying in schools and communities. It shows that everyone is needed to eradicate cyber-bullying, and gives bystanders the confidence and tools to become 'Upstanders', and help change the narrative.

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The Impact of The Upstanders


Said the film program provided helpful tools & tips on how to be an Upstander


Intend to practice some of the tools & tips from the film program


Said The Upstanders changed the way they look at bullying behavior


Think The Upstanders should be shown at every organization or school

"I’ve seen a lot of movies about bullying. But the focus on brain science and how bullying has evolved was very interesting and made me think differently."
6th Grade Student
"What struck me is that we need a cultural shift in our school. I feel like we need to start emulating what we saw in the film – celebrating kindness, rather than consequences for mean behavior."
Middle School Teacher

Experts from the Film


Merve Lapus

Vice President, Education Outreach & Engagement, Common Sense Media


Dr James R Doty

Director of Neurosurgery at Stanford University School of Medicine Founder & Director of CCARE


Scott Ross

Director of the Office of Learning & Support, Colorado Dept Education. Co-founder of Stand for Courage


Radha Agrawal

CEO & Co-Founder, Daybreaker; author of Belong


Jesse Israel

 Community Builder, Founder of The Big Quiet


The Molak Family

Founders of David's Legacy Foundation

Our Programs in Schools and Communities

The Upstanders is a film-based education program that integrates post-screening conversation and a library of resources. We provide a lot of flexibility in how this is delivered, so you can customize the experience to best suit your community.

  • Choice of screening options, from in-person, one-off screening to a live virtual event on multiple devices
  • Choice of post-screening conversation forums (one short expert panel that addresses FAQs is already supplied)
  • Ability to license for individual follow-up screenings for those who missed the screening, or those who wish to share with their families

We provide all resources to make organizing, promoting, running and following-up after your screening smooth and hassle-free:

  • One landing page provides links to all promotional materials, discussion guides, tip sheets, in-class exercises and a library of follow-on resources
  • We keep in touch with reminders to keep you on track 
  • All film and related links are sent to you via a customized dashboard at least 5 days before the screening
Our Approach Get Started

Clips from the film

Clips from Recent Panel Discussions

Film Director Scilla Andreen speaking with anti-bullying spokeswoman and author Eleni Theodorou

David’s mother Maurine Molak talking about the impact of David’s Law

“I left feeling guilty. I know I’ve been a bystander. I don’t want to be a part of making people feel badly. I know I can do better.”
Tatum W.

Age 12

“It was the first few moments of the film that stayed with me. Kids have more power than ever now – the power that is all the more potent with immediacy. Our focus needs to be on teaching kids how to slow down and reflect on their choices. I think we need to make decision-making a more concrete part of our character education pieces; this film really put that into the spotlight for me.”
Shayla M.

Vice Principal

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