Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Students: An iMPACTFUL Conversation with Learners Edge

This week, one of iMPACTFUL’s amazing partners, Learners Edge, hosted a discussion around the many learning challenges in the classroom, and how these challenges have shifted over time. One of our film programs, LIKE, is a program on a mission to inspire, inform, and help equip all of us to effectively regulate screen time. Almost 800 educators came together to discuss the powerful topic of how technology is greatly impacting education. Check out the recorded discussion below! 

HubSpot Video

When iMPACTFUL first released our film program LIKE in 2019, the conversations around technology, spending time online, children having access to the internet + other related topics, were very different. These conversations have shifted. What used to be discussing protocol for how old a child should be before they get a phone or about tactics for how to keep children off their devices, are now conversations that hold much higher importance and stakes. We’re now bringing in national security, online harm, privacy, attention, and how technology is changing learning and the role of the educator into the conversations. 

Check out the short but iMPACTFUL conversation above, learn more about the Learners Edge Educator Course by clicking HERE, and dive deeper into our LIKE year-long, award-winning, film-based school and business program, click HERE

We hope to see you in a conversation like this one soon! 

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