iMPACTFUL Attends NAMICon: Celebrating the Unique Voices in Mental Health

iMPACTFUL attended NAMICon this past week, an in-person and online event celebrating unique voices in the world of mental health. This event was a powerful reminder of the vital work being done to create positive change in this field, and we were so honored  to speak and share the Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT), our mental health literacy program, at the event. 


One of the main highlights was the fireside chat with Kenneth Cole, the founder of the Mental Health Coalition. Cole spoke about  the fractured mental health system and the need to create a sustainable model to address mental health for all ages. His words were a powerful call to action for those in attendance. 

The event also featured moving speeches from “Master P” Miller and Carmella Wallace, about moving from tragedy to transformation. Both have lost a child to mental health challenges that led to an overdose, and they emphasized the need for parents to lean in more and for everyone to be better educated on mental health. Their speeches were emotional, inspiring, and incredibly meaningful. 

Another highlight of the event was iMPACTFUL’s screening of RACE to Be Human and the subsequent Q&A session. The screening was standing room only, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Social impact producer Jason Craige Harris, and film director and  CEO, Scilla Andreen, fielded thoughtful questions on topics ranging from how to raise a bi-racial child to how to deal with a difficult family member. It was a positive, engaging, and hopeful discussion that left everyone feeling inspired. 











Before the screening, a poll consisting of questions about race and racism was conducted with around 200 participants. The results were revealing, and we’re curious to see the poll results post-screening of RACE to Be Human. When asked about the post-screening Q&A with Jason Craige Harris and Scilla Andreen, an audience member said that they were “thrilled to have the conversation. It was a very impactful (no pun intended but it was) session and [I] walked away from it completely re-energized” (audience member). 

Overall, NAMICon was an energizing event that celebrated all the unique and essential voices creating positive differences in the mental health space. At iMPACTFUL, we left feeling even more motivated to continue pushing for change, normalizing these conversations, and creating supportive educational content for everyone. 

To learn more about RACE to Be Human and all of the programs in the Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT), click here! To schedule a quick call to learn how to bring the CCT to your community, click here

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