We know anxiety can cause you, your loved ones, and your friends a lot of stress. Here are some of the resources we believe can help. This list has been examined by experts in the mental health field and will continue to grow. Please note these are just recommendations, and not “one size fits all”.

If you or someone you know is feeling anxiety it’s important to tell a family member, friend, teacher or counselor. Reach out to someone who can help, and in an emergency call 911, or text the Crisis text line 741741.

Helpful Resources

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Angst Discussion Panel Highlights

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Julia Chen
Anxiety as a Cultural Phenomenon
Camilo Camargo
#FOMO, Mental Health Trilogy Curriculum
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Young People and Social Media, Valuing Likes
Katie Rigg
The Importance of SEL
Camilo Camargo
How Can a Parent Help Their Child
Julia Chen

Other Anxiety Resources

What It's Really Like to Live With Anxiety
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Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends to Know
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Brené Brown on Empathy
Brené Brown
What is CBT? (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)